BRAHMI, Bacopa monnieri


Latin name:                                        Bacopa monnieri

English names:                                   Coastal waterhyssop, Thyme-leafed gratiola, Water hyssop

Sanskrit name: Brahmi

Indian name: Brambhi

Medicinal parts used: Leaves, roots, flowers and stem bark

Bacopa monnieri is a creeping herb that grows in marshy areas. It grows up to 10 cm in height and produces pinkish or white five petalled flowers. Leaves are fleshy and oval shaped which grows up to 1-2 cm long. It prefers shade but can be grown in full sun if provided with good amount of water. Bacopa is found to be ideal for improving the memory and is used as a brain tonic.

It commonly grows in marshy areas throughout India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, and is also found in Florida and other southern states of the USA where it can be grown in damp conditions by the pond or bog garden.

Therapeutic use:

  • It is a traditional treatment for epilepsy and asthma.
  • It has antioxidant properties, reducing oxidation of fats in the bloodstream.
  • Studies in humans show that an extract of the plant has anti-anxiety effects.
  • It is listed as a nootropic, a drug that enhances cognitive ability.
  • It is extensively used in traditional Indian medicine as a nerve tonic and thought to improve memory and mental function. This is because the bacopa improves the blood circulation to the brain.
  • The cooling property of bacopa is used for treating insomnia. Bacopa oil when applied on the scalp relaxes the brain and ensures good sleep.
  • Bacopa is a good medicine for treating skin diseases. It is a blood cleansing herb used for detoxifying the blood.
  • Bacopa has good antioxidant property which can be used for transmitting the proper nutrition to the hair roots and thus it will promote hair growth.
  • A paste made of bacopa when applied on the syphilitic sores, will heal the sore quickly.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Kabir on May 18, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    i asked the gardener for ‘Brahmi’ and he handed over this small sapling plant…with this type of leaves –

    is the pic of ‘Brahmi’ on this webpage of urs, a grown up ‘brahmi’ plant?
    i am confused coz the leaves in that link and the ones on ur site dont look same, 😐
    maybe i have the baby ‘brahmi’ plant,is that so? plz reply on the given email


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