DANTI, Baliospermum montanum


Latin name:             Baliospermum montanum

English names:     Red Physic Nut, wild castor, Wild croton

Sanskrit name: Danti, Dantika, Dirgha, Erandhapatrika

Indian name: Danti

Medicinal Parts used: Leaves, Roots, Seeds

Baliospermum montanum is a stout undershrub 0.9-1.8m in height with herbaceous branches from the roots; leaves simple, sinuate-toothed. Upper ones small, lower ones large, sometimes palmately 3-5 lobed; flowers numerous, in auxiliary racemes with male flowers above and a few females below; fruits capsules, 8-13mm long, seeds ellipsoid, smooth and mottled.

The plant is found in Nepal, Burma, Malaya and India. In India, it is distributed from Kashmir eastwards to Arunachal Pradesh, up to an elevation of 1,000 m and southwards into peninsular India, ascending to an altitude of 1,800 m in the hills of Kerala.

Therapeutic use:

  • It helps in relieving from pain, inflammation and in abdominal disturbances.
  • It stimulates liver for proper functioning.
  • It helps in curbing the infection entering the body.
  • It is also effective in blood purification.
  • It is very helpful in treating skin related problems.
  • It also helps in improving the vision.
  • It is considered the best remedy for poisoning especially in snake bites.
  • The roots of the plant are considered as purgative, anthelmintic, diuretic, diaphoretic, rubefacient, febrifuge and tonic.
  • They are also reported to be useful in dropsy, constipation, jaundice, leprosy and skin diseases.
  • The leaves are found to be good for asthma and bronchitis.
  • The seeds of the plant are drastic purgative, rubefacient, hydragogue and stimulant.
  • The oil obtained from seeds is a powerful hydragogue cathartic and is found useful for external application in rheumatism.

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