DATURA, Datura stramonium


Latin name:              Datura stramonium

English name:         Thorn apple

Sanskrit name: Shivpriya

Indian name: Datura

Medicinal parts used: Seeds, Flower, Leaves

Datura is a woody- stalked, leafy herb growing up to 2 meters. It produces spiny seed pods and large white or purple trumpet- shaped flower that face upward. Most part of the plant contains atropine, scopolamine and hyoscyamine. It has a long history of use both in South America and Europe and is known for causing delirious states and poisonings in uninformed users.

Datura stramonium in most parts of India grows as a wasteland weed but is cultivated for its alkaloids in some parts of India and in Europe. It is considered a valuable medicine in India. It was known to the ancient Hindu physicians who regarded it as intoxicant, emetic, digestive, and heating.

Therapeutic use:

  • It is narcotic, anti spasmodic, anodyne, ache reliever.
  • Helps in relieving the spasm of the bronchitis in asthma.
  • It is used in treatment of Parkinsonism and hemorrhoids.
  • Young fruits are sedative and intoxicating.
  • Leaves applied after roasting are useful in relieving pain.
  • According to Ayurveda, seeds are acrid, bitter, tonic, febrifuge, anthelmintic, alexiteric, emetic, and useful in leucoderma, skin disorders, ulcers, bronchitis, jaundice and piles.
  • Seed is considered to have a strong aphrodisiac effect.

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