CHASTE TREE, Vitex negundo


Latin name:  Vitex negundo

English name: Five-Leaved Chaste Tree, Lagundi

Sanskrit/Indian name: Nirgundi, Sephali

Medicinal parts used: Leaves, Flowers, seed, and Roots

Vitex negundo is a large, aromatic shrub with quadrangular, densely whitish, tomentose branchlets. This plant is indigenous to the Mediterranean countries and Central Asia. It is also found in parts of India and in Burma. The dried fruit, which has a pepper-like aroma and flavor, is used in western herbalism.

Its principal constituents are casticin, isoorientin, chrysophenol D, luteolin, p-hydroxybenzoic acid and D-fructose. A decoction is made by boiling the parts of the plant and taken orally. Today, Lagundi is available in capsule form and syrup for cough.

Therapeutic use:

  • The roots of this shrub are used as treatment for rheumatism, dyspepsia, boils, and leprosy.
  • For its part, the flowers are recommended as a cardiac tonic, as cure for liver diseases, and other internal disorders such as diarrhea and cholera.
  • Chaste tree also has anti-inflammatory functions, and its cooling effects are ideal as treatment for skin diseases such as leprosy. .
  • The juice of the leaves is used for the treatment of fetid discharges.
  • They show anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and analgesic activities.
  • It is useful in the treatment of superficial bruises, injuries, sores and skin infections.
  • Chaste tree has been clinically tested to be effective in the treatment of colds, flu, asthma and pharyngitis.

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