CHOPCHINI, Smilax china


Latin name:  Smilax china

English name: China root, Sarsaparilla

Sanskrit name: Madhusnuhi

Indian name: Chopchini, Chobchini

Medicinal parts used: Roots, Bark and Seeds

Chopchini is a climbing herb with a large tuberous rhizome; stem and branches unarmed, polished; Leaves lanceolate, acuminate, rounded at the base, 3-nerved, glaucous underneath; Umbels axillary simple, sessile, solitary.

Therapeutic use:

  • Antibacterial activity has been observed with the lant extracts.
  • They are useful in skin diseases, vitiated conditions of vata, flatulence, tuberculosis, and general debility. It helps in faster clearance of symptoms.
  • Roots are aphrodisiac, pseudorific, and demulcent, alteratively used in rheumatism, syphilis, and skin diseases.
  • The rhizome is made into a paste and applied to painful swellings.
  • The root is depurative, diaphoretic, stimulant, alterative, resolvent, tonic, diuretic, aphrodisiac, antibiotic, alterative, antisyphilitic, astringent, sudorific and demulcent.
  • Useful in sexual debility and in syphilis, scrofula and other skin diseases.
  • Also useful in rheumatism, gout, epilepsy and chronic nervous diseases.

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