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An organic Selenium supplement


Biomics, Inc specializes in the development and applications of separation technologies.  By using proprietary separation and purification process, it is capable of providing the highest purity of herbal extracts.  Our products are packaged at a pharmaceutical GMP manufacturing setting located at Shandong, China.  Using our patented chromatography technology, we can deliver chromatography grade herbal extracts with a high percentage of active ingredients and low impurities.


Product Description:


The Selenium-enriched onion extract (SOE) is extracted directly from the local produced Selenium-enriched green onions;  which is of high-quality and harvest and preserved well.  The active ingredients were extracted and purified using our proprietary technologies.  Our SOE has been widely used in Japan for dietary formulation.


The SOE is, in addition to abundance of vitamins and other natural ingredients, a good raw material for supplying effective organic Selenium in dietary supplements.



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