CISSUS QUADRANGLUARIS Dr. Kumar Pati, CEO, Best Nutrition, Hayward, CA USA


Dr. Kumar Pati, CEO, Best Nutrition, Hayward, CA  USA

Native toAfricaandAsia, Cissus quadrangularis is a perennial plant, appearing as a succulent vine, which gives it a classification in the grape family.   Reaching1.5 metersin height, this unusually shaped plant has quadrangular-sectioned branches with internodes and a leathery edge along each angle.   Trilobed leaves can be seen emerging from the nodes.  Because of ancient medicinal properties, this plant has been imported to countries likeBraziland theUnited States.


Cissus quadrangularis extracts have shown to be beneficial in a number of health related properties.  Ayurveda medicine, a traditional medicinal alternative native toIndia, believed its effectiveness as a tonic and analgesic.  It is primarily known for its ability to heal and strengthen bones, which will in turn prevent future fractures.   Supplementation would be especially valuable to those with osteoarthritis and other related conditions.  The anti-inflammatory characteristic this plant provides results similarly to the effects of aspirin and ibuprofen, but combined with a slower reaction time and lasting effect without the associated side effects.  Not only does Cissus quadrangularis have multi-functional properties, but it is plentiful in antioxidants and vitamins.  Some health ailments include increased blood flow to muscles, gastrointestinal relief for ulcers and acid reflux, hemorrhoid liberation, and support to asthma patients.


Aside from the unpleasant taste, body builders and athletes desire supplementation of Cissus quadrangularis for the accelerated healing process on continuous impact on bones, cartilage and tendons caused from repeated exercise.  Clinical studies concluded it to be effective on weight loss management and metabolic syndromes.  Significant net weight reduction and central obesity was observed, as well as decrease in total and LDL cholesterol.


Although little is known for the mechanism of action that Cissus quadrangularis takes, modern medicine classifies it as safe.  One of the many active ingredients found in this plant is ketosterone, which is believed to work syntergistically with the extracts of the plant itself to provide the full health benefits.



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