Dr.Kumar Pati, CEO, Best Nutrition,Hayward,CAUSA


Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarage (OKG) is the derivative of 2 conditionally essential amino acids, ornithine and glutamine.  Ornithine is produced in the process of synthesizing urea to eliminate excessive nitrogen in the body.  Glutamine is a free amino acid found most abundant in human blood and plays a role in catalyzing protein synthesis.  Both are suggested to offer an anabolic effect by stimulating the body to build muscle and other tissues.   They also provide an anticatabolic effect by blocking hormone responses that target the break down of muscles and tissues.


For years, ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate has been geared toward athletes as a sports supplement to aid in the construction of muscles.  Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate is known to stimulate the action of insulin.  Insulin is a hormone responsible for regulating energy through glucose metabolism.


The positive effect is has to build and develop muscles and tissues has more recently transcended in its use by physicians.  


Studies have provided evidence that this amino acid combination is efficient for patients recovering from surgery, serious illnesses and injuries.  In the case of severe trauma the body decreases its absorption of dietary proteins; rather it gets excreted in urine.  An anabolic response is produced in the presence of ornithine alpha-ketogultarate, so the boy regains strength by building muscles in a once weakened state.  The mechanism believed to attain these responses is through the inhibition of cortisone synthesis, or possibly through excess release of the human growth hormone.  When the body experiences stress, orisone is released preparing the body for a fight or flight response thus suppressing the immune system.


Therapeutic doses range from 5 to25 gramsdaily.  Doses that exceed25 gramsa day will upset the digestive tract, so only when necessary, small increments in dosage over time may overcome this effect.  Consultation with a health care professional is advised when taking ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate because of the different effects it may have on one’s body.





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