SELENIUM-ENRICHED ONION EXTRACT (SOE) The best Selenium ingredient for supplement Dr. Kumar Pati, USA


The best Selenium ingredient for supplement




Selenium is a trace metal mineral which is essential for human health.  It functions as a cofactor for increasing the glutathione peroxidases, an enzyme that is able to remove reactive oxygen species and thus reduces the oxidant stress.  Selenium also plays a role in the function of the thyroid gland by regulating the activity and metabolism of thyroid hormones.   Lack of Selenium in the organisms is likely to increase the oxidant stress and will harm the cell membrane due to the reactive oxygen species.  Especially linked to other stress such as excessive chemical exposure and Vitamin E deficiency.  For a healthy person, the daily selenium intake is not less than 70 mcg.


The supplement of Selenium, by now, is primarily from either animals or seafood like fish.  Enriched yeast and some botanicals like onion and garlic are also good sources of Selenium.   Even though FDA had approved inorganic Selenium as a means of cure for certain diseases in early 1990’s. subsequent studies have proven that inorganic Selenium maybe harmful and many efforts have been devoted to searching for organic Selenium.  It is well known that, for humans, the absorption of selenium from botanicals is much better than from other sources, such as seafood.  Thus, it is a good choice to uptake selenium from botanicals.


Unfortunately, Selenium is not very common in vegetables and fruits.  Zhangqiu Onion, which is produced in Shandong, China and is famous due to the fact that is has been a special ingredient to be sent to the Emperors for hundred of years, had been found to be Selenium enriched onions because it grows in selenium-rich soils.    Therefore, Zhangqiu Onion has accumulated excessive amount of Selenium, which provides a good source for Selenium functions of Selenium, but also have significant effect on cancer prevention, cardiovascular health and antitoxin due to the collaborative functions together with the enriched vitamins in the onion leaves.


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